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Necronomicon - Florida's Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Convention
43rd Year! - TAMPA, FL - SEPTEMBER 27 - 29, 2024
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Rules of Conduct
Rules of Conduct
No Smoking - The hotel, the State of Florida, and Necronomicon have instituted a no-smoking policy. The only places where con members may smoke are designated areas outside. This ban includes e-cigs and vaping devices.

Weapons - No real weapons, bladed weapons, or simulated weapons that can shoot a projectile are allowed. If it looks like a real gun, it's not allowed. All hall costume weapons and props must be approved by a member of the Necronomicon staff. If you have a weapon on your hall costume, you are NOT allowed to carry it in your hands; it MUST remain in the holster/sheath or similar. No real guns, including those with a concealed permit.

Harassment - Harassment is any behavior that intentionally annoys or alarms another person. This includes unwanted physical contact, following someone around, rude, suggestive, or insulting comments, or otherwise infringing on their personal liberties or space. Harassment will not be tolerated at Necronomicon. If you approach someone and they tell you "no" or to leave them alone, your business with them is done. If you do not leave them alone as they have requested, your actions are grounds for a complaint of harassment.

If you feel that you are being harassed, report the matter immediately to convention staff or security. After you report the matter, one board member and two department heads will meet with you in private for details. If the offense is serious enough, the police will be called in and the matter turned over to them.

We’ll then do our best to find the person doing the harassment. The person who was reported will be given a chance to offer their side of the story to the staff. The staff will then decide if the offender should be removed from the convention. The person who makes the report will be informed of the decision.

Badges - ID badges must be worn prominently on the front of clothing and above the waist at all times. Anyone without a badge will be refused access.

Behavior and costumes must adhere to Hillsborough County decency laws.

Quiet time, except for the first floor, is 10 pm to 9 am. For the comfort and convenience of all hotel guests, during these hours you are required to keep noise to a minimum on all sleeping floors.

Disorderly Conduct- No running, yelling, fighting, or damaging the hotel and/or convention property will be tolerated. Drunken or disorderly conduct in the Necronomicon function space will result in the member being escorted to their room or removed from the hotel.

Alcohol shall not be dispensed in public or function areas in the hotel, except by authorized hotel or Necronomicon staff.

Signs - Signs may not be posted except on convention bulletin boards. No signs may be posted in the elevators, on the walls, or on room doors. Bulletin boards and thumbtacks are available at the registration desk.

Damage to the hotel jeopardizes our ability to put on future conventions. To ensure that there will be another Necronomicon, please report any acts of vandalism to the hotel or convention staff.